Branding Guide CBS

1st February, 2021

1. Brand Personality

After more than 10 years of experience in the education sector, our brands have reached their maturity and, therefore, we have encompassed our brands in CBS Altogether | Entorno CBS . This new brand will house all the old ones. CBS, The British School of Seville, CBS Pre-School, CBS Language Academy, CBS Summer Camp and CBS Business School. With this new idea, we have the need to establish a common language to create integration for all of these. That is why we have created the “CBS Brand Manual”.

This design system is designed to create cohesion between all our brands through a visual language that will improve the user experience.

In this guide, you will find all the design system directives; These range from the corporate identity of the brands to the styles and components of our websites. Typography, colors, icons, etc. of the different brands are now unified under this new system.

2. Our logos 

Our shields are the most visible face of our projects and, therefore, the main communication tool of our philosophy. The construction and design of our logos are based on three fundamental basic principles: clarity, simplicity and adaptability.

The main applications of our shields are for web uses and digital media, so its responsive adaptation is essential.

CBS Altogether

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CBS, The British School of Seville

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CBS Pre-School

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CBS Language Academy

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CBS Summer Camp

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CBS Business School

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Correct logo usage

To maintain the integrity of our logo, it is important that it is always used with official applications and not randomly modified in them.

Any use that is not included in the guide will not be accepted. These are the rules to follow to use our logos:

  • Respect corporate colors. Any modification of the colors is prohibited.
  • Maintain the structure of the shield. The order of the shield elements cannot be changed.
  • Add a 20px margin around the logo whenever it is used.
  • Do not modify the spacing between the elements of the logo.

3. Our colours

CBS’s visual identity relies heavily on the use of color. The palette consists of a complementary range of colors that work well in almost any combination.

We have adopted a strict color palette that is limited to the following colors. This gives the brand a unique look and feel that allows CBS to instantly distinguish itself.

These colors should never be used as tints or shades. Use only the colors shown below in exact mixes (Pantone, CMYK, or RGB) based on your medium. Tints are only allowed in the gradient composition of colors.

Primary Colour

Pantone 2955C
CMYK 98 89 43 8
RGB 20 60 103
HEX #143c67


Secondary Colour

Pantone 16-5123 TPG
CMYK 66 1 0 40
RGB 62 62 64
HEX #34999a
Download our colours guide:

4. Tipografía

Nuestra tipografía se basa en 2 fuentes, una empleada para los escudos de nuestra marca, y otra empleada para la legibilidad web.





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